Photography: Nature’s Best Storyteller

Today’s post is a little bit different than normal.

I saw this amazing time lapse video at El Tiede posted on Darren Rovell’s twitter account this morning. Be sure to watch the video below and share it with a friend.

With Lance Armstrong’s retirement from competitive cycling, I haven’t tuned into the Tour de France this year. However, after completing my daily routine of blog checks, I found this image courtesy of The Atlantic.

The backdrop is simply amazing. With the exception of maybe Pebble Beach or Augusta National, you won’t find many backdrops like this in the United States and you certainly won’t find a backdrop with this sort of architecture and history. That is what it makes the Tour such a unique event.

Lastly, I recently started following Ron Garan on twitter. For those that are unfamiliar with Garan, he is a Colonel in the US Air Force and an Astronaut that is currently based on the International Space Station. Garan has provides a very unique perspective for his followers: he often sends out images of the Earth, the Space Station and the Shuttle from orbit.

The images that he takes are breathtaking: French and Italian Riviera, ISS and Sandy Point.

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