Hiatus Over!

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted on this site. I’ve been swamped maintaining the content for VYPE Houston while traveling around the state of Texas for the past few months – and what a ride it has been.

Over the past six weeks I’ve posted 4,500-plus miles on my car with various trips to Dallas, Arlington, College Station, Austin and Waco – not to mention the various treks throughout the greater Houston covering some of the finest student-athletes in the area.

During that stretch, I’ve done freelance work with ESPN Radio during the OU game in which RG3 had his “Heisman Moment“, worked the sidelines at the Texas Tech game at Cowboys Stadium while making my debut as a play-by-play analyst (here and here) for high school basketball.

There are only 22 more days left in the year and I feel that there a plenty of great moments ahead.

As always, I am addicted to Social Media so in case I slip up over the next few days and have another lapse in posting, you can also find my thoughts in just 140 characters on @AStaton and @VYPEHouston!

Until next time, Sic’Em!

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