Hiatus Over!

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted on this site. I’ve been swamped maintaining the content for VYPE Houston while traveling around the state of Texas for the past few months – and what a ride it has been.

Over the past six weeks I’ve posted 4,500-plus miles on my car with various trips to Dallas, Arlington, College Station, Austin and Waco – not to mention the various treks throughout the greater Houston covering some of the finest student-athletes in the area.

During that stretch, I’ve done freelance work with ESPN Radio during the OU game in which RG3 had his “Heisman Moment“, worked the sidelines at the Texas Tech game at Cowboys Stadium while making my debut as a play-by-play analyst (here and here) for high school basketball.

There are only 22 more days left in the year and I feel that there a plenty of great moments ahead.

As always, I am addicted to Social Media so in case I slip up over the next few days and have another lapse in posting, you can also find my thoughts in just 140 characters on @AStaton and @VYPEHouston!

Until next time, Sic’Em!


Photography: Nature’s Best Storyteller

Today’s post is a little bit different than normal.

I saw this amazing time lapse video at El Tiede posted on Darren Rovell’s twitter account this morning. Be sure to watch the video below and share it with a friend.

With Lance Armstrong’s retirement from competitive cycling, I haven’t tuned into the Tour de France this year. However, after completing my daily routine of blog checks, I found this image courtesy of The Atlantic.

The backdrop is simply amazing. With the exception of maybe Pebble Beach or Augusta National, you won’t find many backdrops like this in the United States and you certainly won’t find a backdrop with this sort of architecture and history. That is what it makes the Tour such a unique event.

Lastly, I recently started following Ron Garan on twitter. For those that are unfamiliar with Garan, he is a Colonel in the US Air Force and an Astronaut that is currently based on the International Space Station. Garan has provides a very unique perspective for his followers: he often sends out images of the Earth, the Space Station and the Shuttle from orbit.

The images that he takes are breathtaking: French and Italian Riviera, ISS and Sandy Point.

The Blog Is Back

For those that have visited this blog in the past, welcome back. I have decided to revamp this blog and make it almost like a portfolio of sorts. Within the blog you will find links to follow my work and thoughts via multiple social media outlets. Additionally, you will find writing samples, designs and publications. I will try to update this site a few times a week as I hope I can also provide my thoughts or tips with regards to public relations and communications in general.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to do some freelance work for the Baylor Bear Insider in addition to College Baseball Daily. The work for the Insider is considered premium content while the work for CBD can be viewed by clicking on this link. If you are interested in freelance journalist work, feel free to contact me here.