Media Training

Austin has trained more than 200 senior executives and business leaders on how to properly engage with the media. How can he help your business? 

Are your executives prepared to effectively represent your company?

Presenting your business in the best possible light during a crisis is as crucial to your long-term reputation as dealing properly with the crisis itself. Developing a clear and effective message can make or break how your company is perceived with key stakeholders.

Throughout his career, Austin has led more than 25 media training courses for more than 200 senior executives and business leaders. During the sessions, Austin provides a look into what the media will expect from your company, the role social media plays in a crisis, and how you can effectively conduct a successful media interview. 

Who can benefit from media training?

Austin can build a customized course that is designed for anyone who may promote their company externally as well as for incident response or issue management – not just the senior management team, but people on-site where the incident happens, customer-facing staff and marketing teams, BST/IMT managers, conference speakers, senior management leading major projects, country heads and business leads, or those who may represent their company on industry-wide bodies.

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