Prelude to Lübbecke

Prior to beginning baseball camp in Germany, I spent 1.5 days in Belgium touring both Brussels and Brügge. While both cities were unique in their own right, it was fascinating to explore these two towns on foot with hardly any pregame plan or direction.

Equipped with my iPhone and GoPro, I walked about 20 miles over the course of my stay and frequented Belgian pubs for a few staples – Belgian beer, waffles and chocolate.

Perhaps the coolest place I stumbled upon was Cafe Vlissinghe, located just a few hundred meters from the canalsIMG_1614 in Brügge. What made this place special was the history – the pub is celebrating its 500th anniversary this year and proved to be the perfect environment to enjoy a beer while sitting on the outdoor patio while listening to about a half dozen languages being spoken.

My brief stop in Belgium was also another first for me – it was the first time that I have traveled solo in Europe and it happens to fall alongside my 12th or 13th trip to the continent. It’s a completely different animal to travel alone – more on that later.

Anyways, I arrived in Lübbecke earlier this afternoon and we’re having a Bavaria night this evening with members from the local church – this should be fun.