Say Yes: My First Skydive

Seek Discomfort. It’s a sign I’ve had on my desk since 2019 after watching Yes Theory on YouTube and hearing their message of spreading positivity and saying yes to opportunities outside of your comfort zone. While I’ve embraced saying “yes” to travel, work, etc., had I really embraced it?

Last year my friend and bp colleague, DeRae Crane, told me “if you believe in seek discomfort, you’ve got to skydive.” After nearly a year of putting it off for one reason or another, I finally made the leap. What an incredible experience. The pure bliss of falling 8,000 feet at 120 mph – it’s a moment I won’t ever forget. As Will Smith says: “God placed the best things in life on the other side of fear.”

Whether it’s in your personal or work life, always say yes and #SeekDiscomfort when it comes to new opportunities. 

2 Comments on “Say Yes: My First Skydive”

  1. Yes, seeking discomfort is not always my first thought. Fear drives me to do things I normally would not. It’s never too late to level up. That’s what I’m going to be doing.

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